All the Gospel That’s Fit to Preach! Sermons and (less frequently) blog posts from the Revd. Dr. Jady Koch, Associate Minister at Christ Church, Mount Pleasant SC. A graduate of Washington & Lee University (2000) and Trinity School for Ministry (2007), The Rev. Dr. John D. “Jady” Koch earned his Doctorate in Systematic Theology at the University of Humboldt in Berlin, Germany in 2014. In addition to various articles and lectures, he is the author of The Distinction Between Law and Gospel as the Basis and Boundary of Theological Reflection, which was published in 2016 (Mohr/Siebeck) and explores the interrelationship between the doctrine of justification by faith alone and the preaching and teaching ministry of the church. Having served churches in Berlin, Vienna, and Louisville, KY,  Jady is excited to have been called to Christ Church and is looking forward to continuing his work in bringing the truths of the Gospel to bear on the everyday realities of life in our modern world. He and his wife, Liza, have five children (Tucker, John, Carrington, Garland and Davis) and about a thousand house plants.

About the name: Legend has it that, when necessary, the Pelican would feed its young with its own blood and, on account of this symbolic connection with the Cross, the Pelican was chosen as one of the heraldic symbols of Thomas Cranmer, the first Archbishop of Canterbury. The title of this podcast comes from a hymn attributed to Thomas Aquinas called Adoro te devote, which refers to Jesus as the Pie Pelicane–the Pelican of Mercy. (It’s also the state bird of my beloved Louisiana)

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  1. Jady,
    I was your teacher at UHigh- i have ssen your dad a few times and know you are an Anglican priest
    Listened to a couple of lectures and see the existentialism coming through
    Am very proud of you
    Am Episcopal and want to follow your seroms
    Catherine Pletsch said rhey are amazing
    Please send link
    All the best to you and yours
    Carol young- sr English teacher

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Young! Of course I remember you!! I post all of my sermons to this website, so you can find them. I’m in the process of cataloguing them, but until then—you can just click “sermons” and should be able to find them. Thank you for the encouragement and God bless! With all love,Jady

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