One thought on “Weekend Review 10-17-21: The Oxford Martyrs, The Sad State of Evangelical “Elites,” and What to do about the “Young People” in Church.

  1. Di-no-mite! What a great message! I think you’re mining a rich vein of pure truth with your look-back to notice which version of Christianity has actually worked and which has not. Combining your own personal experience with reminders of how contentious it was in Paul’s time and every century since, shines a badly needed light on the irrelevance of the intellectual lazy and cowardly ministries that are only in it for their “livings” or approval from the Left.

    As someone a generation older, I think you’ve stayed faithful for more than long enough to be qualified to draw on your multi-decade experiences and comment usefully on what works. And I hope you will. When you started, what became ACNA, was only a scattered rebellion in what seemed like a few places. How far we’ve come in those decades. It was never easy and won’t be in the future. But you’re certainly not dropping the baton that you’ve been handed.


    Ken Hagerty

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