One thought on “Ash Everyday

  1. My Dear Friend Jady
    What a fantastic and pleasant suprise to receive this email – not just a profound sermon, but for my benefit and perhaps St Paul, some Greek adverts.
    This had reminded me I probably owe you a letter as much has taken place here in Crete over these past months.
    I greatly miss the delight of sharing your company, usually over a glass or two of a grape product!
    I would love to catch up on how things are going at your end of the line, trusting that both of you are enyoying your new life in full time ministry.
    I will close for now and wish you every blessing for the future – perhaps you might consider a visit here one of these days, and I can show you exactly where Paul travelled here on Crete sharing Gods good news.

    Your old friend and POT companion – Yamas!!


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