2 thoughts on “The Root of Good Fruit

  1. Thank you for sharing – this was beautiful and rich. My brother-in-law, Matthew Hansen, has told me about Pelican Pie and this week he suggested Ilisten to Saints – also beautiful. It’s the third time this week I’ve heard a similar discussion of Mother Theresa -clearly God is telling me something. And my reflections and prayers this week have centered around the Mary-Martha (resting-striving) experience of women (I know this characterization sells Martha very short!) Your homily fits like another piece into my glimmer of understanding of what God is trying to teach me. Have you ever listened/reach Father Richard Rohr – if not, you might check out Dlvine Dance – it’s also rich and deeply instructive and moving to me. Thanks again! (And thank you for your friendship to Matt and Christa!)

    Leslie Hansen

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